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House and Psychology : Humanity is Overrated pdf
House and Psychology : Humanity is Overrated pdf

Ted Cascio,Leonard L Martin,: House and Psychology : Humanity is Overrated

House and Psychology : Humanity is Overrated


An irresistible look within the mind and behind the hit TV drama, "House"While "House" is a smart medical drama and Gregory House faces countless ethical quandaries as a doctor, what makes the show unique is that it's much more deeply rooted in psychology than in medicine. At its core, "House" is a show about the mind and human behavior. Gregory House is a medical genius and a Sherlock Holmesian figure, but he's also a deeply troubled misanthrope. What's going on inside the brain of this beloved, arrogant, cane-waving curmudgeon that is so appealing? "House and Psychology" tackles this question and explores the latest findings in brain science research, defines addiction in its many forms, and diagnoses dysfunctional relationships, all using test cases at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital.Offers a revealing psychological profile of Gregory House and his team Uses the latest psychological theory and research to answer questions ranging from ""How does House handle addiction?"" to""Why does he act like such a jerk?"" Features contributions from a group of world-renowned psychological experts who also happen to love "House"Essential reading for every "House" fan, "House and Psychology" will help you discover the extraordinary mental universe of your favorite brilliant, bombastic, bile-belching doctor of medicine.

This sourcebook presents a wealth of material relating to every aspect of Roman spectacles, especially gladiatorial combat and chariot racing. It draws on the words of eye-witnesses and participants, as well as depictions of the games in mosaics and other works of art. It offers snapshots of 'a day House and Psychology : Humanity is Overrated download ebook pdf at the games' and 'the life of a gladiator'. It includes numerous illustrations. It covers chariot-races, water pageants, naval battles and wild animal fights, as well as gladiatorial combat. It combines political, social, religious and archaeological perspectives. It facilitates an in-depth understanding of this important feature of ancient life. So whether the issue is mealtime arguments over fussy eating or junk food cravings; an anxiety or phobia about dogs, spiders, going to school or exams; a lack of confidence; bad habits such as nail-biting, thumbsucking or bedwetting, you'll quickly learn what to say and what not to say. You'll be able to put an end to the nagging and yelling that gets you nowhere and wears you out; reward systems and star charts that quickly lose their appeal; bribery and punishments that achieve nothing and make everyone feel bad. Parents who appear to have well-behaved, happy, high achieving kids are not just plain 'lucky' - quite simply, they're handling things differently and with a bit of inside knowledge, you can too.

Author: Ted Cascio,Leonard L Martin,
Number of Pages: 336 pages
Published Date: 14 Oct 2011
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication Country: Chichester, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9780470945551
Download Link: Click Here


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